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Independent Insurance Agencies, Why Are They Better?

By November 21, 2017January 23rd, 2020Insurance

As it relates to personal insurance, a direct insurance writer such as Geico or State Farm, typically offers only one option for personal insurance coverage while an independent insurance agency represents many different insurance companies. An independent agency can advise you on the best insurance coverage options for your situation and can offer coverage with the insurance company that best suits your needs.

Many people don’t realize the advantages of dealing with an independent agency like Peoples First. A good example would be shopping for a car at a dealer that offers only one type of vehicle. For example, a dealership that only sells sports cars with two seats and a sunroof is a lot different than an auto dealer that offers many different types of vehicles. A small sports car may not be right for everyone but there are no other choices. If you don’t want the sports car you would have to shop elsewhere.

An independent agency is a broker that represents different insurance companies that can accommodate a variety of different risk factors. Also, some of the insurance companies we represent offer a discount if you bundle different coverages into one policy, for example, coverage for both home and auto. If your situation changes and your current insurance company is no longer a good fit, an independent agency can transfer your coverage to other companies that might better fit your needs. If your current company’s rate increases, the independent agent can place your coverage with another company that can possibly offer you a better rate. Different companies also offer different deductible structures that could potentially offer you a savings. Plus, some insurance companies specialize in certain coverages that a direct insurance writer may not offer.  In the end, it’s all about offering you the best coverage that is most suited to your situation at the most affordable price.